Saturday, November 10, 2012

TV Cars-1976

This article alleges that these are the originals but I'm pretty sure five of them aren't--which makes me doubt the other two as well. The Batmobile looks to be the fuzzy version they had on tour for a while, covered in a type of black velvet to prevent glare apparently.

I don't recall The Green Hornets Black Beauty having his logo on the side nor eyes (wings?) on the windshield either.

Nor the Bearcats car identifying it as the Bearcats car. I guarantee you that one in the middle is NOT the original BEVERLY HILLBILLIES jalopy! cool would it have been to see all of these cars together in one place, originals or not?


  1. Unless they had multiples of cars, that's definitely not the Beverly Hillbillies car. That resides in the Ralph Foster museum at School of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri.

  2. The "Munsters" and the "Bugaloos" cars look pretty authentic, though.
    Love to have seen all of them in person, just once...