Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff Carol Burnett sing by NilbogLAND

I really don't recall this series at all. THE ENTERTAINERS, produced as it was by Joe Hamilton and starring Carol Burnett, seems to have been a precursor to their long-running CAROL BURNETT SHOW. Seen here are a few clips from a January, 1965 episode including Boris Karloff singing.

As a child Karloff was one of my favorite TV stars. I had no idea he appeared in movies as well! He was on variety shows, kids shows, comedies and dramatic programs. Seemed like he was everywhere in the sixties. A distinguished older man by that point, he became my fantasy grandfather figure, a fact I was able to pass on to his daughter Sara in the early days of the Web. She told me that she had heard similar stories from a number of sixties tots over the years!

Boris Karloff would have been 125 years old today had he lived. Ah, who are we kidding? Boris Karloff may be unliving but he is also undying! Happy birthday, Grampa!

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