Monday, November 19, 2012

The Two of Us

By all accounts, the brilliant Peter Cook, simply visiting in the US, saw nothing more than an easy paycheck when asked to co-star in an American TV pilot that he was convinced didn't stand a chance. Then he found himself obligated to a potentially long run when it actually sold.  

Now Cook was also said to be somewhat jealous of the Hollywood success of his sometime partner in comedy, Dudley Moore, and undoubtedly saw this also as perhaps his own chance at similar US acceptance. 

The show was about a young woman, played by the delightful Mimi Kennedy, who advertises for someone to help around the house for an English Major. Butler Brentwood shows up calling shenanigans as he was expecting to work for an old C. Aubrey Smith style retired English Major rather than for a college girl majoring in English. But they both need each other and decide to give it a try. The woman is also a single mother with her daughter played by the unfortunate Dana Hill, a lovely and talented young actress who sadly passed at a young age.

In the end, the series didn't last long and it really wasn't all that good. But anything with Peter Cook--one of my candidates for funniest man who ever lived--is worth watching and has more than its share of great lines, deftly delivered. 

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