Friday, January 25, 2013

Simon and Garfunkel Special-1969

Simon and Garfunkel had already broken up (the first time) by the time I really paid any attention to them when I received their Greatest Hits album as a Christmas gift in 1971. This 1969 TV special was controversial in several respects and certainly not what Bell Telephone was expecting when they funded it. Many reports say Bell pulled out before the show aired but this TV GUIDE ad from the week before still shows them attached to it.

For much more info on this special, which was later included in one of the duo's CD re-releases, go here:

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  1. I was only 5 y.o. when this aired but I do remember Paul Simon on the Muppet Show. That show was alot better then you would have thought it would be,very sophisticated.

    Renee emailed me about her Scalf family connections btw. I showed it to Clyde and he swears those names sound familiar. So I'm off to dig out the family tree his cousin had made up several years ago to see where everyone is on it.

    I'm really enjoying this blog. Honestly I thought I was the only one left on the planet that remembered Starlost! And over on youtube, childhoodnostalgia has the whole first season of Fireball XL5 uploaded if you want to check it out.