Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kolchak, the Night Stalker

THE NIGHT STALKER was a popular TV movie of 1972 produced by DARK SHADOWS' Dan Curtis and written by TWILIGHT ZNE vet, Richard Matheson. Character actor Darren McGavin hammed it up in the lead as as old-style reporter Carl Kolchak. It was followed by a sequel THE NIGHT STRANGLER, and then a short-lived series.

In the original, the title referred to the vampire played by Barry Atwater but since Kolchak's job basically had him stalking the night, also, he became the title character, specializing in supernatural mysteries and crimes.

The only other regulars were Simon Oakland as Kolchak's boss and the great Ruth McDevitt as his friend and neighbor.

The propert has been hot enough that its been revived in novels and several times in comics. In 2005, there wa seven an attempt at reviving the series but as usual they'd missed the point. What made it work...was Darren McGavin. 

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