Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Columbo Killers

Patrick McGoohan

Jack Cassidy

Robert Culp

Laurence Harvey


Oskar Werner 

Dick Van Dyke

Fisher Stevens

Billy Connelly

William Shatner

Johnny Cash


  1. Excellent list. But don't forget the Killer Gals: Lee Grant, Susan Clark, Anne Baxter, Faye Dunaway & Janet Leigh. Leigh was arguably the most "sympathetic" Columbo Killer, as she was gradually slipping into dementia/Alzheimer's.

  2. Or Helen Shaver who thought she had murdered Mrs. Columbo and tried to murder the Lieutenant also!

  3. My parents returned from England in 1966 on the Queen Elizabeth. Oskar Werner & wife were on the ship also. I have a pic of the four of them on deck and at the bar.