Friday, August 23, 2013

Robert Loggia at Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con in September

Although he beat the dreaded typecasting and has been able to maintain a long and successful career in meaty character roles, T.H.E. CAT, Loggia's mid-sixties TV series, is still fondly remembered by fans. 

Even before he was T.H.E. CAT, Loggia achieved TV fame in Walt Disney's THE NINE LIVES OF ELFAGO BACA, which also appeared in comics.

Meet Robert Loggia in person as one of many stars appearing at next month's MID-ATLANTIC NOSTALGIA CONVENTION.

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  1. I remember my older brother, inspired by watching "T.H.E. Cat", made a grappling hook out of four large nails bent at angles, lashed together, with a rope attached. Unfortunately he couldn't scale walls with Cat-like agility!
    Aside from being Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat, Loggia starred in the mid-80s series "Mancuso, FBI," a spinoff of the miniseries "Favorite Son." And, of course, movies such as "Prizzi's Honor."