Sunday, August 11, 2013

Intros to 18 Forgotten Seventies Sitcoms

Most of these were cancelled quickly but that doesn't mean they were all bad. Many were quite fun, in fact, and most were from folks who had made (or would make) others that were big hits.

Good Heavens--with Carl Reiner
Turnabout-Developed by Steven Bochco
Nancy-Created by Sidney Sheldon
From a Bird's Eye View-Produced by Sheldon Leonard
Needles and Pins-Produced by Hy Averback
The Brian Keith Show
Diana-Directed by Ezra Stone
The Ted Knight Show
The Practice-with Danny Thomas
Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers-by MTM
The Bad News Bears-with Corey Feldman
Getting Together-with Bobby Sherman
The Good Life-with Larry Hagman
Barefoot in the Park-based on Neil Simon's play
Bridget Loves Bernie
Anna and the King-with Yul Brynner
Sanford Arms-from Bud Yorkin
Highcliffe Manor with Shelly Fabares (who was in several others of these as well)

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  1. "Turnabout" was based on a book by "Topper" author Thorne Smith, about a husband and wife who magically exchange bodies.
    "The Good Life" (from a book by Douglas Wallop) starred Larry Hagman and Donna Mills as a couple who work as servants for a wealthy family. Hagman and Mills would go on to wreak havoc on "Dallas" and "Knots Landing" respectively.
    "From a Bird's Eye View" (filmed in Britain - "bird" is Brit slang for young woman) was a fun sitcom with Millicent Martin and Pat Finley as flight attendants. I enjoyed it when it first aired, but I was 10 years old.
    "The Brian Keith Show" was titled "The Little People" in its first season (Keith played a pediatrician).
    I had read that it was pressure from religious groups, as much as sinking ratings, that led to the failure of "Bridget Loves Bernie," which, like the 1920s play "Abie's Irish Rose," was about the romance of a Jewish man and a Catholic woman over the objections of both sets of parents.