Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solid Gold

For me, the early 1980's were the last years there was new music for ME. As much as I may admire some of today's music, I know it's not MY music. SOLID GOLD, originally hosted by Dionne Warwick(e), came along at a time when AMERICAN BANDSTAND was passe and MTV was just around the corner.

I wasn't big on the Solid Gold Dancers but THEY were big! They actually appeared as such on other shows and even went on tour. After the first year, Bee Gee brother Andy Gibb took over, co-hosting with the beautiful, silken-voiced Marilyn McCoo of the Fifth Dimension. 

I really liked Andy and Marilyn, both as performers and co-hosts. The fans didn't know about Andy's personal demons, though, and his leaving saw him replaced by Rex Smith. Rex (who had then recently played Marvel's DAREDEVIL on TV) was personable enough and I'm sure the ladies liked him. 

Rick Dees of DISCO DUCK fame followed him but didn't last very long.

Ex-MTV VJ Nina Blackwood stepped in for a while and was followed by Arsenio Hall to ride out the series.

By that point, SOLID GOLD had run eight seasons. The music was changing again and I no longer cared as much or watched as much.

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  1. Steven, what fun ! I am also from 1959... we have SUCH similar memories. I am stuck in a world of Twilight Zone original episodes which began before I was born, and Bewitched, Mary Tyler Moore, 70s music... the goddess CHER .. etc. etc. etc. just sharin'