Monday, April 9, 2012

TV's Golden Moments

Here's a poster I made back in the nineties from old TV GUIDE clippings of some of the worst shows on the air in the 1970's. Naturally, I called it "TV'S GOLDEN MOMENTS."


  1. i remember quite a few of these very fondly. some i don't remember probably because i'm younger than you and my mom had me on a strict curfew.

    you ever hear of a show called the governor and J.J.? I was named after the girl on that show but i don't know anything much about it.

  2. I definitely recall THE GOVERNOR AND JJ. Loved that show--Dan Dailey and Julie Sommars. I have a comic book version somewhere! Will write about it eventually. Seems like there's at least one episode or clips on YouTube.

  3. Here's some GOVERNOR AND JJ. Just for you.