Sunday, February 14, 2016

Detective School

It didn't last long but I always enjoyed this 1979 sitcom. Technically it wasn't a spinoff from BARNEY MILLER but it WAS James Gregory's recurring role on that show that got him this one as a similar--if more likable--character. 

Gregory plays a private eye whose business is slow so he opens the title detective school. The motley crew of students accidentally solves a crime and so begins to work on solving more week after week. 

The cast included LaWanda Page from SANFORD AND SON, Melinda Naud from OPERATION: PETTICOAT, Randy Mantooth from EMERGENCY, writer/comedian Pat Proft,  FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH's Taylor Negron (himself later a fan of my high school journal blogs!), and Douglas Fowley, the great old school character actor from SINGIN' IN THE RAIN and TV's PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS. Fowley's character was named "Robert Redford."

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