Friday, August 28, 2015

Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention 2015

If you haven't already made your plans to attend this year's 10th Anniversary of Martin Grams' Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, you only have a couple of weeks left. Amongst the delights always found at Martin's shows, this year sees a reunion of Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson, the stars of TV's hit bionic shows of the seventies. Also, the Livingston brothers from MY THREE SONS reunite with their TV sister-in-law, Tina Cole. 

My friends Stu Shostak and Jerry Beck will also be heading east for this show and Jerry will be doing a Fleischer Studios presentation.

No, in case anyone is wondering, I won't be there myself. Being perpetually broke and paranoid about traveling these days is unfortunately a detriment which causes me to miss out on cool stuff like this. But you don't have to! Make your plans now.

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