Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Jack Day

On Valentines Day, Jack Benny turned 39. It doesn't matter WHICH Valentines Day. Jack Benny ALWAYS turned 39. So Happy 39th, Jack!

When I was a kid, THE JACK BENNY SHOW was one of those TV programs that was simply a constant. I certainly didn't dislike it but it wasn't a favorite like ROY ROGERS or SUPERMAN or even YOU BET YOUR LIFE. We watched it pretty regularly, though.

And Jack was on many other shows as well, famously guesting with Lucille Ball multiple times on her various TV series.

After his regular run ended (after considerably more than a decade), it became a pleasure to see Jack in at least one TV Special every year, still playing the same stingy, exasperated character as always.

This year marks 40 years since Jack Benny's death...only he didn't die. He had long since ascended to legendary status and, of anything, his legacy has grown more and more popular over the years through reruns and home video. Most of the earliest pre-recorded Beta videos I bought were of THE JACK BENNY SHOW.

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