Monday, December 30, 2013

Hawaiian Honeymoon

The final episode of GREEN ACRES acted a s backdoor pilot for an unrealized sitcom which would have starred Elaine Joyce as an Ann Sothern-style private secretary. Something I had forgotten until today, however is that the episode preceding that was also a backdoor pilot. "Hawaiian Honeymoon" has Lisa and Oliver on a "5th Honeymoon" but they take a back seat to Don Porter as the owner of the hotel they go to in Hawaii and his interfering, somewhat ditzy daughter, played by Pamela Franklin. Porter had previously played the father of ditzy, interfering daughter, GIDGET in that series! Gidget, who spent a lot of time on a beach. So most likely, this series was passed over as being too like the other show which had only been gone for about 6 years at that point.

Seen below is Mary Mayumi, an amazingly cute actress who plays the desk clerk at the hotel. She's sort of a combination of a Disney girl and an Asian Brady. IMDB shows her as being in an episode of BONANZA around the same time. They also show her as being the same person as Rinko Mayumi, an actress who appeared in Japanese films 25 years later. I'm thinking that could be a mistake on IMDB. Does anyone know anything about Mary Mayumi?

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