Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas in Connecticut-1992

Somehow I missed this TV remake of the holiday classic CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT when it aired in 1992 but it caught my attention this year when I noticed it was directed by...Arnold Schwarzenegger???!!!

And it's good! Kris Kristofferson's bland performance comes nowhere near that of his vivacious  co-star, Dyan Cannon, but hers is as good as anything she did back in her seventies heyday and the two do look good together. Tony Curtis is also quite fun and manic. Other co-stars include Jimmy Workman (Pugsley in the 2 ADDAMS FAMILY movies), Richard (SHAFT) Roundtree...

...and Cincinnati TV legend Bob Braun (known nationally for his Craftmatic bed TV commercials which I'm led to believe are STILL running 12 years past his death!).

It's not the original but as remakes go, it offers much updated holiday fun. Catch it if you see it this season.

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