Friday, October 11, 2013

Studio One-The Night America Trembled-1958

20 years after CBS presented Orson Welles' now-legendary WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast, the network revisited the story and the panic it called in this fascinating docudrama similar to the much later TV movie, THE NIGHT THAT PANICKED AMERICA. Edward R. Murrow, complete with his trademark cigarette, hosts a good cast filled with little-known actors and the occasional surprise of now-familiar faces. These include John Astin, James Coburn, Warren Oates, Warren Beatty, Vincent Gardenia and Ed Asner. One name NOT associated with the production in any way is that of Orson Welles, although Alexander Scourby does a credible imitation as the "Host."

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  1. PBS is doing a documentary on The American Experience about the broadcast on October 29th.