Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meet Larry Storch

One of Larry Storch's earliest gigs was an appearance on the radio series DUFFY'S TAVERN in the 1940's and listening to it today he's still hilarious. Originally an impressionist of some renown, he would become known as a loud, brash comic actor even while continuing to do voices…but in cartoons.

One of the first cartoons where I recognized Larry's voice was TENNESSEE TUXEDO in which Mr. Storch portrayed Mister Whoopee, he of the magical super-scientific three dimensional blackboard or the 3DBB! He would also work extensively for Filmation and Warner Brothers including a stint as Batman's foe, the Joker.

But it was TV's F TROOP where Larry became a household word. Ostensibly an ensemble comedy starring Ken Berry as a klutzy cavalry captain, it was the teaming of Storch with Forrest Tucker that made the show the sitcom classic it remains.

Like Al Lewis and Fred Gwynne on THE MUNSTERS, Tucker and Storch, although never an actual comedy team, made perfect foils for each other and their schtick took over the show's plots quickly. 

But Larry Storch avoided typecasting and went on to show he could play many types of roles both comedic and villainous. 

In the seventies, Tucker and Storch were reunited as the stars of the broad Saturday morning comedy, GHOST BUSTERS, as in "I'm Spencer, He's Tracy." "I'm Kong!" Storch was Kong. Tracy was the gorilla.

In the years since, Larry Storch has become a very popular guest at celebrity events and even has a popular new official Facebook page that can be found at 

Your chance to meet Larry Storch in person and tell him how much you've enjoyed his work through the years is coming up two weeks from now at the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. 

 The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
September 19 to 21, 2013
Hunt Valley Wyndham, Maryland
Celebrity Guests Include: Ed Asner, Margaret O'Brien, Julie Newmar, Larry Storch, Elizabeth Shepherd, Johnny Crawford, Robert Loggia and more!

Thanks to Matt Beckoff for permission to use some of the above personal pics.

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