Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dark Shadows

On today's date in 1966, my babysitter and I tuned in to watch a new soap opera called DARK SHADOWS. Well, to be exact, SHE tuned in to watch. I was reading or playing or coloring over on the couch. But I was in the room and I remember thinking what a stupid show it was for a soap--no hospitals, no kissing, no divorces. Even at 7, I knew what to expect in a soap and this wasn't it. If I saw more than a handful of episodes that year, I can't recall any more. But 3 years later it had somehow morphed into a cult show for kids and I had to hurry home to catch it every day after school! 

Last year, a friend gave me the box set with every single episode from 1966 through 1971 and lots of fascinating extras. I'll probably never get around to watching them all but we WILL write more about DARK SHADOWS in the future.

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