Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nana Visitor

I first became aware of actress Nana Visitor when she appeared as Ellen Dolan, The Commissioner's daughter, in the TV movie version of THE SPIRIT in the eighties. Frankly, I didn't like the casting and was less than impressed with her. That would change.

DEEP SPACE NINE is often cited by fans as their least favorite STAR TREK series. I can see that and I'd probably far as favorites. BUT...I'm convinced it's the BEST series in terms of the writing and characterization. At its best STAR TREK isn't about the future and outer space, it's about people, and DS9 is far and above the others in terms of the depth given to its people by the writers and actors. DS9 was never afraid to present real change and character growth as opposed to the illusion of change that always ends up back at status quo by the closing credits. One of the best characters on DS9--and in all of Trek-dom--was Kira Nerys.

Major Kira was at first a reluctant ally of Starfleet. She was a former Bajoran freedom fighter forced into her status as the number two officer on a Space Station in a war zone by circumstance. Over the series' seven seasons, Major Kira, played by Nana Visitor, would grow and develop like no character in STAR TREK had done before.

Deceptively "nice" throughout, as brought to the table by the actress and the writers, Kira had a temper, a fierceness that snuck out from time to time and yet vulnerability. She had a spiritual side, a romantic side, a silly side and deep loyalties to those whom she felt had earned them. Also a truly great smile. As the somewhat serialized storyline of DS9 progressed, all the characters changed but Nerys changed most of all and taken in context, it was impressive to watch Nana Visitor pull it off as strongly as she did.

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