Sunday, December 2, 2012

Will Hutchins

An early favorite TV western for me was SUGARFOOT which went off the air when I was only 2 but I remember it! Actor Will Hutchins starred as a cowboy studying to be a lawyer. Will's charismatic personality carried the show and made him a fan favorite. 

A few years later, he tried a funny but unsuccessful sitcom entitled HEY, LANDLORD!, then turned up briefly as a sixties incarnation of Dagwood Bumstead in a revival of BLONDIE. In between, he co-starred twice with Elvis. He says that Elvis was always worried that people were trying to steal scenes from him but knew he didn't have to worry about that with Will. If you look at the two films, though, it's fun to watch Will effortlessly do just that--steal every scene he's in from the King.

A few years ago, I was privileged to work with Will Hutchins in two old time radio re-creations. In one, I was a mob boss and he was my gunsel. In the other, I was a killer out to get his crooked ringleader.

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