Monday, September 3, 2012

The Dick Tracy Show

One of my very favorite early cartoon series, at age 2, was THE DICK TRACY SHOW, based on the by-then wacky detective strip I knew from the Sunday Funnies. The strip wasn't as wacky as the TV series, however, which relegated the great detective to the background for all 130 episodes. In the spotlight were brand new characters created for TV including the Oriental detective Jow Jitsu, the Mexican detective Go Go Gomez and the bulldog detective (with the Cary Grant voice) Hemlock Holmes.  In 1965, radio veteran Everett Sloane returned as Tracy in an episode of THE FAMOUS ADVENTURES OF MISTER MAGOO,  this time getting to solve crimes on his own without his animated entourage. The series was revived briefly in 1990 to tie in with Warren Beatty's big-screen TRACY only to have outraged viewers complain about the political incorrectness of the characters.

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