Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fred Foy

Best known for his work on radio, mainly as the legendary announcer on THE LONE RANGER, Fred Foy was also a part of TV history as the announcer on Dick Cavett's late sixties talk show, itself now legendary for having guests ranging from Groucho and Jack Benny to Jimi  and Janis!

This article is from a 1970 TV GUIDE when Cavett was still on the air.

My wife and I were privileged to have dinner with Mr. Foy when he first appeared at the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention back in the nineties. Seen below are some clips form a re-creation that day in which Fred plays the announcer as well as the Ranger himself while I play Burly Scott. Little Karen Hughes, the world's greatest Jack Benny fan, plays my daughter in the episode but that's her real dad, Dan, playing opposite me.

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