Saturday, July 21, 2012

TV Guide Treasures--a Preview

I kept a lot of TV GUIDE Fall Preview issues over the years. My old pal Terry kept more than that. Today, he was cleaning out his mother's attic and asked if I wanted some old TV GUIDES. To be precise, SIXTEEN YEARS WORTH!!! They take up a lot of space, they're a fire hazard, hard to store, harder to find something in when you want of course I said YES!!! 

Seen here are a few wonderful things from just three of these TV GUIDES from 1968, '69 and '70!

More, as you might imagine, to follow! Stay tuned to this blog!


  1. what a great find! Looking forward to seeing more. I used to love reading the TV guide when I was younger. Not even worth buying now.

  2. Question: Why are some of the channel numbers in black while some are in white? The TV Guide that I remember just had the channel numbers in white/black background.

  3. The black blocks with white numbering indicated local Cincinnati or Dayton area channels. People in outlying areas could get surrounding channels, too, so they were listed in black numbering in white blocks. On the bottom listing for PINOCCHIO, for example, Channel 5 was our local NBD affiliate here in Cincinnati/Northern KY. 22 was out of Dayton (50 miles North) and many in the area could pick it up (not me). 18 was Zainesville and I think 4 was Columbus. Not sure where 35 played into all that.