Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Girls of Petticoat Junction

PETTICOAT JUNCTION ran for seven seasons in the sixties and I enjoyed it immensely even though it didn't age particularly well. It was ostensibly about a life in and around a rural hotel called the Shady Rest. However with three beautiful girls seen bathing in the title sequence, the term "Petticoat" Junction which wasn't used in the show at all and the town named Hooterville... I think one can guess what the show was really about. 

Like the Three Stooges, the three Bradley sister were made up of more than three actresses. The best known group was Linda Kaye Henning (as Betty Jo), Loris Saunders (as Bobbie Jo) and Meredith McCrae (as Billie Joe)

Previous Billie Jos were Jeannine Riley and Gunilla Hutton (both of whom later ended up on HEE HAW), Pat Woodell was the first Bobbie Jo.

At one time or another, I had a major crush on each of the girls--first Billie Jo, then Betty Jo and finally, well into seventies reruns,  Bobbie Jo. 

Above with June Lockhart who essentially replaced the late Bea Benaderet in the matriarch role, although playing a much different character.


  1. LOL! You [pervet.."Hooterville"..just kidding, Stephen, I, too watched it back in the sicxties and I, too, have had a crush on each on the girls,too! Nice blog..[you can guess what show I got MY name from..Gumby,and I prefer its 50s-60s episodes.]


  2. Oh man, I remember watching this when I was super young and I recall having these feelings, even tho I didn't know what it meant...boy I sure did have "those feeling."