Monday, June 13, 2016

Get Smart-1965

Designed by committee--including Mel Brooks and Buck Henry-- as a spoof of James Bond and THE MAN FRON U.NC.L.E. by way of Inspector Clouseau and adapting Don Adams' pre-existing "Byron Glick" character from THE BILL DANA SHOW pretty much intact to fit the bill, TV's GET SMART--also co-starring purring commercial star Barbara Feldon--ran  5 seasons on 2 networks from 1965-1969 and has aged well. The zany comedy lead to two feature films, a TV movie, a revival series, a stage play, a series of tie-in book and comics, and at the time not just one but would you believe a half dozen catch phrases?

Here are a couple articles from just prior to the show first airing.

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  1. "Sorry about that, Chief."

    "And...loving it."

    "Ah, yes. The old 'laser weapon disguised as a ball-point pen' trick."

    "Missed it by that much."

    "That's the second biggest inter-continental ballistic missile I ever saw."

    "Don't tell me we're out of ammunition."
    "We're out of ammunition!"
    "I asked you not to tell me that."

    "You might as well surrender, because, at this moment, your hideout is being surrounded by the 25th Infantry Division. Er...would you believe the 24th Infantry Division? How about a troop of angry Boy Scouts?"