Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Honeymoon Suite-1972

Nearly forgotten and even largely undocumented on the 'Net is this early seventies program. It was a 90 minute all-star romance anthology along the lines of LOVE AMERICAN STYLE only with continuing peripheral characters along the lines of the later LOVE BOAT series. Rose Marie starred as a maid and Henry Gibson as a bellboy. In later episodes of this occasional mid-afternoon ABC series, Morey Amsterdam was the bellboy and Richard Deacon the hotel manager. 

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  1. I actually have a vague memory of this, but I don't remember it being a series. I thought it was a one-shot, and I seem to remember seeing it on ABC late night. And the episode I saw had Morey Amsterdam.

    I also vaguely remember seeing Rose Marie on some talk show, and, when she was explaining the show and its premise, she compared it ti Neil Simon's Plaza Suite.