Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Flash-2014

Count me among the fans who were very disappointed to see these early images of the new TV FLASH. Recently, though, I had a chance to catch the pilot for the new series and I have to say I've changed my opinion. In context, and especially when moving, it works. In fact, the whole pilot works. There's nothing majorly special about it but it's a good, entertaining origin story with some above average performances and the participation of former TV Flash John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen's father in what will be a running back story. I don't watch a lot of modern TV, even comics-related TV. I missed almost all of SMALLVILLE, I only caught a couple episodes of BIRDS OF PREY and ARROW and I have no intention of watching GOTHAM. I will, however, be on board for the 2014 version of THE FLASH!

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