Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Random TV Guide Ads and Articles-1969-70


  1. Steve, do you happen to know the date of the TV Guide article on Janos Prohaska?

    Mike C.

  2. Sorry, no. And I've already filed them back away. I'll try to check tomorrow if I get the chance.

  3. Interesting article on Prohaska, chief among Hollywood's animal impersonators - and he played the occasional alien (he was the Horla in the Star Trek:TOS episode "Devil in the Dark"). But he could be a very fierce competitor, as Bob Burns found out when he tried his luck as a gorilla-suit guy (you recall Bob played Tracy in "The Ghost Busters").
    When Howard Chaykin drew his version of Blackhawk for DC, he named him Janos Prohaska (though Blackhawk was originally from Poland, and Prohaska was from Hungary).