Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Star Trek Continues-Lolani

This is the second of the new STAR TREK CONTINUES episodes and it, like the first, is a wonderful, nostalgic and yet wholly original follow-up to the original series.

Not only do we get the return of an Orion slave girl but in a nice touch the episode brings us yet another person used to being painted green, Lou Ferrigno!

As with the best of the original sixties series, the plot holds up a sci-fi mirror to a real world issue--in this case, women's rights!

The cast is excellent. In certain lights and angles, Kirk really DOES seem to be Shatner! Although they pale in connection to the actual actors, the rest of the performers are more than acceptable with Michelle Specht a standout in her second outing as the confrontational Dr. McKenna.

You can catch LOLANI here: 

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