Monday, November 4, 2013

The Jim Nabors Hour

Jim Nabors was not only surprisingly popular in the long-lasting GOMER PYLE USMC but he and the American public also discovered that he had a truly surprising singing voice. As his albums became bigger and bigger sellers in the age of psychedelic music and acid rock, Jim decided to use his show biz power to quite while he was ahead on GOMER and do a variety show where she could sing. He didn't want to lose the great chemistry he had with his co-stars though so he took Frank Sutton and Ronnie Schell along with him.

For two seasons, THE JIM NABORS HOUR hosted comedy, music and guest stars like Carol Burnett, Michael Jackson, Glen Campbell, Roy Rogers, Rock Hudson (don't go there) and, as seen on this ad, Andy Griffith, who had gotten Jim his start in TV.

This was one of my mother's favorite shows.

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