Sunday, September 1, 2013

Angela Cartwright

As a young lad, one of the first TV girls I crushed on was Angela Cartwright. She was so cute on MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY but then even cuter by the time of LOST IN SPACE. Remember, I was a kid. She's actually a few years older than me. In the Internet Age, I've been privileged to speak with her a couple of times online. 


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  1. Penny Penny Penny, Sweet Penny. Lol. For many years, little did I realize that you were the cute and sweet little girl on Make Room For Daddy. I had watched the show as a little bitty boy and then had a crush on you in Lost In Space. The Williams family will always be in my heart from the simple but valuable lessons learned from them. I admire Danny Thomas' heart for founding St.Judes. Angela, if I should happen to be fortunate enough that you read this, you are in my heart as that little girl and also as Penny due to the crush I had on you.
    I hope you and your family are well.
    I also send my sincere condolences regarding Marjorie Lord and her Passing in late November 2015. God bless my dear television crush. Take care.
    My name is Peter OO'Connor and reside in Nashville, Tenn.