Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bob Shreve Obits

Bob Shreve is a Cincinnati area TV legend having done everything from being our local Bozo the Clown to introducing me to Charlie Chaplin shorts and Three Stooges comedies at the age of two or three when he hosted them in the early evening. He's best remembered for his long-running role as the perhaps slightly tipsy ringmaster of the Past-Prime Playhouse, a live overnight movie show. I was privileged to appear with the zany Shreve on his show as part of a comedy troupe in 1980. We also worked with Bob on a live show at Fountain Square where I snapped the photo below. A few years later, he shopped every so often at the Waldenbooks where I started and it became obvious he could never remember anyone's name so I was always "bud" and "pally" to him, in spite of my nametag. Years later I actually served to seed the Bob Shreve fan club when I provided them with tapes of my appearances on his show that night. It was the first of many tapes that people managed to come up with over the years.

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