Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The New Maverick

THE NEW MAVERICK was a fun 1978 TV movie that reunited early sixties cowboy stars James Garner and Jack Kelly as the original MAVERICK brothers in order to set up a new TV series, eventually called YOUNG MAVERICK. Newcomer Charles Frank wasn't bad as Ben Maverick, the star of said new series. Garner and Kelly did not carry over into the series. The problem he had was the same that Kelly, Roger Moore and Robert Colbert had had. He simply was NOT James Garner. This was rectified when a post-ROCKFORD FILES Garner was persuaded to return to the role on a full-time basis in 1981's BRET MAVERICK. While the latter didn't last long, it was quite enjoyable and is still seen in reruns today while THE NEW MAVERICK is just a trivia question.

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